Posted by: mandyrd | September 3, 2009

Too quiet

This morning I walked Brewster and ate this quick breakfast:

Blog 062

Oatmeal, peanut butter, 1/2 banana, a splash of pure syrup, and a protein shake.

I’ve been focused on unpacking and organizing our things. We’ve made progress in a few rooms, but we are nowhere near done. I can’t even think of exercising until the house is more organized. At least I have the walks with Brewster.

Street Eats - SeafoodI’m heading to the ACS (Army Community Services) to drop off the loaner items. Like everything else on post, this building is only 5 minutes from my house. I really don’t need to leave post at all. Most days I don’t! Lately I have missed Korea a lot. I could walk or use the subway to go everywhere, and my closest friend lived next door to me.  I even miss the noise and the crowds. Shopping is just not the same here without the noise, the pushing, and the aisles jam-packed with people.

More later…



  1. Hopefully you’ll meet some neighbors and friends soon! I have not exercised since Monday – hopefully I will go running with Ross today after work. I started as the ward attending on Tuesday and I’m so tired after work from all of the running around. I had grown accustomed to sitting in front of a terminal (ha ha) and now I’m on my feet all day again. ugh!! Anyway, I hope you’re having fun unpacking 🙂

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