Posted by: mandyrd | September 4, 2009

Garbage Plate

Last night I ate this mix of swiss cheese sauce, tuna, couscous, and steamed broccoli:

Blog 063

It reminded me of the (in)famous Garbage Plate from Nick Tahou’s in Rochester, NY:


In college, this dish was popular to eat on a dare after a night of drinking. I went to school in Buffalo, not Rochester, I never drank, and I had even heard stories of this monstrosity.  If you know anyone from western New York, ask him/her about the Garbage Plate. Changes are, you’ll hear an interesting story or two. And don’t say “upstate” to refer to western New York, either!)

(I should not have looked up this picture during pregnancy…feeling slightly nauseous now…)

This morning I ate egg whites with roasted red peppers and soy sausage, along with a small bowl of cereal.

Blog 064

I like my morning eggs the way other bloggers like their oatmeal!

Today I’m volunteering at a clothing closet at the VA hospital. Veterans receive tickets to “purchase” an outfit for a job interview or for personal use. Speaking of outfits, my pants won’t button, and my shirt was too tight (not good when you’re working around men). It’s time to go up a pants size!



  1. I went up a pants size about a week ago. Luckily I had sent Mom a bunch of size 4 work pants that I had worn during my intern year… she sent them back, and I’m wearing them now. It was kind of fun to get the box of my old pants (all in perfect condition). I also went to Ann Taylor Loft and bought a bunch of sweaters and loose shirts for work… most of my clothes are tight and do not hide the bump! It was getting stressful picking an outfit for work in the morning. Your eggs look delicious, btw. =) Are you guys planning anything fun for the long weekend?

  2. BTW I have never heard of the garbage plate. How did you learn about it? We led such sheltered lives in college. I bet Abby knows about it! I’ll ask her.

  3. Your food always looks so creative and yummy! I really enjoy making up new ways to serve food too. Do you like mushrooms?
    There is a band that is made of t-shirt-material that pregnant women can wear around the waist that will cover an unsnapped pair of pants. It comes in white or black and seems pretty clever and useful. I saw it in Target. You then wear your regular top and it seems like you have a tank underneath.

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