Posted by: mandyrd | September 7, 2009

Spinach & cheese calzone

We were busy yesterday with shopping, puppy training, and unpacking. Our house is really shaping up! Speaking of moving, I read on Averie‘s blog that she has moved, I believe, 7 times in the last 8 years. I decided to count my moves and realized that I have moved 10 times in the past 8 years!

I vowed to settle down directly after college because my family moved frequently. How ironic that I’ve moved so many times. (Those 10 moves don’t even include all the  moves I’ve made since graduation!) We have at least 3 more moves in the future until we can settle down.  

Anyway, here’s recap of my food on Sunday.

Breakfast of berries with eggs:

Blog 065

Lunch of leftover salad and a vegan burrito:

Blog 067

I like to brown the burrito in a toaster oven. I guess it would technically be a baked chimichanga then.

Blog 068

For a snack I had the standard yogurt, berries, and granola. I decided to measure the granola, though, to eat 1/2 serving. Based on that measurement, I discovered I had been eating over 400 calories of granola for previous snacks! No wonder I had not been hungry for dinner. I do think that periodic food measurements can keep you on track for high calories foods. Three-fourths cup is actually much less than one might think!

Anyway, I definitely should have measured my dinner portion! I ate a lot but felt fine afterwards. I know I shouldn’t use the pregnancy excuse, but I really don’t understand how I ate so much.

I made spinach and cheese calzones from scratch using Mark Bittman’s vegetarian cookbook.

Blog 072

This cookbook and his How To Cook Everything serve as The Joy of Cooking in my kitchen. (You know how everyone recommends you have one comprehensive cookbook in your kitchen.) Being a New York Times fan, I veered towards his cookbooks.

Anyway, here is the filling:

Blog 069

You can be creative here, even though I wasn’t! Next time I’d like to make a veggies-only version.

Blog 070

The dough only takes about 15 minutes to make and 60 minutes to rise. I used both white and wheat flours in mine, but you could use any flour. Trust me – this dough is so easy to make. It also tastes much better than store bought dough. It’s not salty or greasy, which might equal bland for some people.

Blog 071

A  pizza stone (pictured) makes a crisp-bottomed final product. A pizza skin makes the transfer onto the stone easy. (Too bad I don’t have one!)

Blog 073

This meal is another good one for people who will only eat “hidden” vegetables.

More later!



  1. I love calzones and that looks delicious! What was your filling? Ricotta and spinach?

  2. Sometimes sorry for all of the moving Mandy, sometimes not. Sadly, life just isn’t idylic for the majority. We just make the best choice we can at the time. Sometimes there is no choice.
    I like the fact that you made your own crust! I never have done that and for no good reason. It looks very tasty!

    • It’s okay. I’m glad I have seen most of the US because of our travels. Maybe I can make crust when we visit!

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