Posted by: mandyrd | September 8, 2009

Week 16 – Low risk appointments

Here was my bump this morning before heading out to my ob/gyn appointment:

Blog 080Blog 079









(Believe it or not, that back arch is natural. Unfortunately, I have mild lordosis.)

Weight: 123 lbs. (115.8 pre-pregnancy)





I had two boiled eggs and two nectarines on the 33-mile drive to my doctor’s office. 

Here’s the drill for a low-risk appointment: On arrival, I do a urine test for glucose and protein analysis. I’ve read that this test is unnecessary, but I’m not going to say anything. Then the nurse weighs me and asks if I have questions for the doctor. 

Then I wait…and wait…and wait for the doctor. She asked me a few questions, listened to the fetal heart rate (140 – normal), and offered a detailed sonogram at a perinatalogist’s office. I agreed to the sonogram but turned down the AFP test. She answered my two big questions. Yes, I can travel over the holidays, and, yes, I can sleep on my back until 20 weeks. 

Finally, I scheduled next month’s appointment and the perinatalogist’s appointment. All that work for $115! (I saw the itemized bill.)

I took advantage of being in civilization and headed to Crate & Barrel, Dick’s, Macy’s, and Whole Foods. Sadly, I had to buy a bathing suit 3 or 4 sizes larger than usual! My dress size was also two bigger, just to be safe.

Here are a few interesting purchases from Whole Foods:

Blog 081


I’ve decided to try agave nectar for a few upcoming recipes. I found the price expensive ($5.00) for sugar. Personally, I’d rather cut down on sugar  than spend 10 times the price for a natural alternative.

I did like the cost of the spelt flour and the barley, though. My husband and I want to try different grains. Enough of the wheat rut!

I also bought some date-coconut rolls. I meant to buy figs, but I could not stomach a fig’s shape and crusty exterior. All I could think of were all the bugs that must have been mixed into the crate of figs. (I know a certain percentage of bugs are allowed per unit weight.)

I did not have to buy any Lara bars this time because of this care package from my sister. I think she feels sorry for me because I live in a small town, while she lives in the best neighborhood in a major city.

Blog 066

She sent me one of each flavor! Today I tried lemon bar. Delicious!

Hopefully I will have more interesting food pictures later. I keep forgetting to use my camera!



  1. How nice of Becky to send you the bars, huh?
    Your back does seem especially archy Mandy! Will you be finding out the baby’s sex at the other doctor appointment? You seem a bit bigger in the abdomen since the last bump pic.. don’t you think so? I’ll be speaking to you later this evening!!

    • Yes, I think I’m bigger too. I don’t know why my back is arching so much. I guess I should be doing more yoga.

  2. My back arches like that too! Your bump is slightly bigger than before, but still barely noticeable. I’ll take another pic of mine next week at 13 weeks. 🙂 Glad you liked the Larabars! I LOVE those other bars I sent too – the almond ones. I can’t remember what kind they were. Let me know if you like them. I like how Larabars are only made of fruit and nuts, though. YUM! My favorite is cherry pie. Anyway, let me know how you use the new grains. I’d like to try to eat them too! BTW I’m going back to steel cut oats for breakfast to try to stave off my constant morning hunger pangs.

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