Posted by: mandyrd | September 10, 2009

Tamale Pie

Last night we had tamale pie for dinner. I helped E with the recipe since he was training for a few hours beforehand.

This recipe contains corn, tomatoes, cheese, ground turkey, kidney beans, and a cornmeal topping.  We love casseroles, so this dish is a favorite in our house. With this dish, we even have leftovers!

Blog 086







The blank spot is E’s portion, not mine, by the way!  Here’s my portion:

Blog 087

I found this recipe on a K-blog (Korea-related blog) but unfortunately lost the link. If you post a comment, I can email you the recipe.


I had a few strawberries for dessert, walked Brewster, and headed upstairs at 8:45pm.



This morning I feel overwhelmed by my “to do” list. I always have a lot of unfinished business when I move. After a few hours of tasks, I had my typical boiled eggs and mixed fruit for breakfast:

Blog 088







By the way, I can’t believe that Brewster’s “ticket” to California cost the same price as mine!

More later…



  1. I love your new blog!!! I look forward to more pictures and food tips. I am so glad you are enjoying cooking so much now;-) Hopefully soon I will get our blog back together, thanks for the name idea. xo-c

  2. Are you putting Brewster under your seat or flying him in cargo??? If he’s less than 20 lbs you should put him under your seat! That’s what we did with Wrigley and it wasn’t that expensive. Plus, it’s safer for the dog. When are you going to CA? Ross and I have a dog travel bag that we could send you if you need it.
    The mixed fruit looks yummy!!!! 🙂

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