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Sorry I missed a day! I don’t always feel like using the computer. I’ve never been much of a “screen” person – no TV, little computer.

Anyway, on Friday night we went to a get together at E’s professor’s house. I brought coconut lime bars.

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These bars didn’t even rival some of the desserts there! E and I shared a plate of 10 desserts. No, I don’t use pregnancy as an excuse. I would have done the same thing in the old days too. We rarely eat sweets at home, so we splurge when we go out.  E was the leanest guy there, but he must have eaten at least double everyone else’s portions! He needs the calories, though, since he trains 20 hours per week.

Yesterday, Saturday, I had my typical boiled eggs and fruit breakfast after an hour run and yin yoga. Lunch was a salad, fage, and toast with hummus.

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Yes, I did feel a bit guilty about all the sweets and compensated with a salad!





For dinner I made balsamic glazed salmon, corn on the cob and quinoa with green vegetables. Since we want to venture away from wheat, we decided to start with quinoa. (The commissary didn’t have any other reasonably priced grain.)

Honestly, I was scared to cook and try something new. I read about quinoa in the Bittman cookbook and got to work. It only took about 20 minutes to cook. The final product was slightly clumpy, a texture I like. I sauteed the veggies in olive oil and dumped in the quinoa. I added a bit of salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese, my favorite MSG source. Very unintimidating!

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I couldn’t even eat half of the quinoa for some reason. I think I was exhausted from the run and a 60 minute walk with Brewster.

This morning Brewster and I went on his weekly long morning walk. We looped around the old part of post.

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The Missouri River is adjacent to the post, and the Lewis & Clark trail used to pass through post.


This post is great for walking. On the weekends, traffic is minimal. Even human contact is minimal.

When including the Disciplinary Barracks, airfield, and hunting areas, this post is huge! I can’t even run from one end to the other.


Afterwards, I rode on the trainer for 30 minutes. We have a nice set-up in the finished basement room. Definitely challenging after a four month break.

I was ready for this breakfast of mushrooms, eggs, and a grapefruit sprinkled with sugar.

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The breakfast was light because I need to eat lunch early. Brewster and I have training today. Afterwards, E and I are going to Kansas City for the final stage of the Tour de Missouri. Then we’re going to see Mama Mia on stage!

More later…



  1. I love quinoa!! I’ve actually made it too. I usually throw parmesan cheese in it… I should try to throw in some veggies. The corn on the cob looks SO good! Can you share the recipe for the coconut lime bars? Ross is allergic to salmon and it’s the only seafood I hate… maybe I could try balsamic glazed tilapia. Have fun at the show tonight!

  2. Tilapia is actually pretty good.. as I don’t usually like fish. I’m going to make the quinoa soon.
    Your food always looks very tasty!
    Is the disciplinary quarters the military prison? Are you able to take a picture of it?

    • Hi Mom – Yes, it’s the formal name for the prison. I can take a picture of the old barracks. E will have to show me the new ones. They’re tucked back in the woods, and I’m scared to go alone!

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