Posted by: mandyrd | September 16, 2009


Sunday I didn’t write because we went downtown to see the grand finish of the Tour de Missouri.

Blog 126

The race had podium girls and everything! We enjoyed seeing our favorite international cyclists in action and to be around other cycling enthusiasts. Sometimes we feel out-of-place (E more so than myself) because we follow sports like cycling rather than football.

On Monday I had a typical morning off, a typical breakfast, and a quick lunch of almond butter-and-banana sandwich and nectarine.

Blog 127

I’m not an almond butter fan (especially when considering the price), but I appreciate almonds’ higher omega 3 content  in comparison to peanut butter.

I tried something new for dinner, chick pea cutlets. The recipe included chick peas, seasoning, chopped vegetables, yogurt, wheat germ, and cornmeal. I fried them in olive oil.

Blog 128

I served them with wheat pitas, tahini, lettuce, and tomato. I ate two half sandwiches and felt full. They were delicious! (Thanks for the cookbook 15 years ago, Mom!)

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Tonight I ate leftovers and made a hodge-podge casserole for E. Basically I threw in our leftovers with an herbed white sauce and some mozzarella cheese. We’re going out of town in a few days, so the hodge-podge was perfect. Who knows about the taste, though. I’m still not eating chicken these days.

Blog 134

I plan to start posting more about nutrition soon. I’ve just been busy lately with unpacking and settling in.

More later…



  1. Those chickpea patties look yummy.. almost makes me wish I had made them. Bring the recipe when you come visit please!

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