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Yesterday I envisioned a leisurely hour in Sports Authority and Target while Brewster had a hygiene cut at Pet Smart.  Instead, Brewster threw up in his crate on the 23 mile drive. The groomer sharply asked, “are you leaving the store?” when I said I was going shopping. At least I got this cute pic of Brewster’s first cut:

Blog 052


I loved how he looked over at me through the glass. 

After his cut, I quickly bought a new crate blanket. Fortunately the pup actually walked in the store this time.

All in all, good practice for the baby!





This morning I skipped the gym again, but Brewster got his 25 minute walk. I know some people feel guilty when they skip the gym, but I don’t. Not now. If I were training, I would not be skipping! (I would only take 2 days off per month, unless I were out of town.)

I had a simple breakfast of cereal, a banana, and a protein shake.

Blog 054







The protein shake contained one scoop of Designer Whey Vanilla (contains stevia, no other sweetener) and water.  I poured it in my cereal. Trust me, the taste is acquired.

I probably ate almost two cups of cereal, not much compared to my husband’s breakfast.

Blog 058


He uses a serving bowl, which I’ve dubbed the “monster’s bowl.”

We buy four boxes of cereal per week, and it rarely lasts longer than five days!




Is it safe for a dog to nibble on paper towels?

Blog 060

He doesn’t eat it. He just likes to make confetti.

Don’t worry, I won’t post a picture of a baby with a plastic bag and ask the same question!

More later…back to unpacking…

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Fifteen weeks pregnant – body changes

Today I have reached the 15 week mark. During the 1st trimester, I was always looking ahead to the safety of the 2nd. Now I’m aiming for the 20 week mark, when we will learn the baby’s sex. (We both expect a boy. I just have that feeling. E thought the fetus moved like a boy during the last sonogram.)

Anyway, based on request, I will start posting pictures of the baby bump.

I now present the first picture of the bump!

Blog 051

Here is a photo from Ko Phi Phi in Dec. 08  for comparison:

Nov-Dec 08 048

I will start posting my weight once we have unpacked our scale. I should be gaining a pound a week at this point.

The body’s changes during pregnancy are so interesting.  I love that my shirts actually fit now. On the other hand, I dread the day when my pants won’t button. I don’t wear pants much now, but I imagine that the jeans no longer button!  I really look forward to a bigger bump. At this point, I just look out of shape to the casual bystander. I only feel bothered about it at the gym, where I want to wear a sign that says, “pregnant.”  Did anyone else feel this way during pregnancy?

I haven’t thought about stretch marks or weight gain. I figure my genetics will determine the stretch  marks. As far as weight gain goes, I see no reason why I won’t return to my previous weight. My mom easily returned to 105 pounds after her pregnancies. She didn’t even exercise. I do worry about varicose veins and sagging, though. I follow all the tips for varicose vein prevention. As far as the sagging, I can only hope!

As far as other changes, I still haven’t had food cravings, other than fruit. I am eating whatever I want, even foods I normally try to avoid. I have plenty of food aversions, though. E’s fresh morning espresso turns my stomach.

Some days I feel tired and skip workouts. I go by feeling. Today I won’t workout, and yesterday I also took a break. Normally I feel energetic, though. I do all the housework and pup care with no problems.  I do sleep 9-10 hours per night, but I have always needed a lot of sleep.

Eric Manila[1]I guess I have baby brain based on E’s exasperation lately. He claims I no longer understand simple concepts. I don’t think he really believes in baby brain either. Fortunately, my moods and emotions are stable. I feel pretty mellow, other than when E makes a baby brain accusation.

His look of exasperation as a 4-year-old is the same one he gives today. (Stylish shirt from his early years in Manila!)

Now you have an overview of the changes I have experienced.  Please share your experiences here!

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Monday night lake swim

The movers spent most of the day unloading our stuff. I made a quick veggie burger sandwich and granola bar for lunch. After they left, I ate my typical plain yogurt/fruit/granola snack. Lately I’ve been eating Cascadian Farms maple-and-brown-sugar granola. It’s nice to have variety again!

Blog 049

Okay, so the bowl is loaded down with granola…definitely something I wouldn’t have done pre-pregnancy.

After my snack, we drove 30 miles to a park for Monday night open water swim. Brewster and I walked while E swam in the pond with other triathletes. How refreshing to swim in natural water at sunset! It turned out that the event was a “Ladies’ Night,” so E was one of the few men there.  I guess he didn’t make any friends, as he had hoped. (All of us are looking for friends, even Brewster.)

Afterwards, we both ate snacks and drove the long 30 miles home. We stopped at Baan Thai for a quick dinner. Again, no photos. I had sweet-and-sour vegetables with tofu and skipped the rice. How funny that s tiny town like Leavenworth has a delicious Thai restaurant. (We’ve been to Thailand twice and have a sense of “good” Thai food.)

We came home to this scene:

I don’t see myself making exciting meals until the kitchen is workable. In the meantime, I’ll post some of my meals.

Until then…

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Morning with movers

Finally our household goods shipment is here! Every military move involves two shipments, a “fast” shipment called unaccompanied baggage and a “slow” one, the HHG.  The “fast” shipment contains the little stuff that can keep a family going for a few months.

Being newbies, we overlooked our basic needs and used the shipment for cycling gear and summer clothes. The HHG contains the big stuff, like the king bed I’ve been missing. We have been sleeping on an air  mattress or borrowed bed for 2-1/2 months. For food we have been eating simply, as you can tell. We don’t have our dishes, cookbooks, or spices. Fortunately the Army Community Service loaned us a card table and basic kitchen items. What a lifesaver!

Anyway, my routine is off-kilter today. Brewster probably “used the facilities” on our kitchen floor for that reason. Not his fault. After a clean-up session, I deflated the air mattress and organized some things for the move-in. Then I made this breakfast:Blog 043                      

I had Quaker instant oats, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, and a fruit plate. I couldn’t force myself to drink the protein shake.






Well, the movers are here, so I need to watch them instead of Brewster for a change. The little guy gets to spend the next few hours in his crate:




Don’t feel sorry for him. He gets tons of exercise and play. I have nothing but time for him these days.    

More to follow…

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Turkey Burgers

This day has been pretty slow. I got up at 6:30 and followed the same routine: dog walk, dog play, then 50 minute run. Saturday morning has always been my favorite running time. The streets are usually desolate, and the air is quiet and fresh. It’s extra quiet here in the country.

Afterwards I had a quick breakfast of yogurt, Cascadian Farms maple and brown sugar granola, 1/2 banana, and mixed berries. I also had a Designer Whey shake (water + protein powder).

Blog 040

I didn’t take any other photos until dinner because my camera needed charging. I ate the basics – 1/2 banana, egg-and-spinach sandwich, Lara bar, 3/4 c. trail mix. E and I took a road trip to Kansas City to a bike store and a furniture store.  E picked up a $30 gift card he won at his last race. Seeing the cycling gear made me sad that I couldn’t prepare for the half Ironman. Originally I had hoped to do the Kansas City 70.3 next June.

After our trip, I made one of our old standbys, spinach and feta cheese turkey burgers. You can find the recipe here, at I added some oats, though, to hold the burgers together. I also used the low-fat options, as usual.

Blog 041

These burgers are great for people who ordinarily hate spinach.

We also had cauliflower with cheese sauce. It was slightly lumpy, just like my mom used to make. No, the cheese sauce isn’t that healthy, but I coudn’t stomach the veggie without it. (E wouldn’t have even eaten it, though he likes most veggies.)

My plate:

Blog 042

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow E has another race, despite the road burn on most of his joints. I hope he doesn’t get an infection from the lake water!

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Legs day

Same routine this morning, but I headed to the gym for 60 minutes of eliptical trainer and 20 minutes of weights for legs. In the pre-pregnancy days, I spent 60 minutes on legs.  Nowadays I complete a simple 5 exercises:

  • wide leg squats, 15 lbs, 4×20
  • lunges, 12 lbs, 3×12, each side
  • inner thigh machine, 70 lbs, 3×20
  • leg lifts for gluts using ball, 3×12, each side
  • leg press, 25/40 lbs, 3×20

I don’t train hamstrings or calves directly. Since I’m a runner, those muscles tend to be overworked and tight. My quads, on the other hand, need the training. People have often asked me how I train my calves, but I have never done anything. I just happened upon some good genes for that body part!

Blog 039Anyway, I was really hungry after that work-out. I quickly drank a whey protein shake (protein + water) followed by oatmeal, peanut butter, half a banana, and a few bites of cornbread.

I used Nature’s Plus hemp oatmeal. Delicious! It’s nice to eat the foods I missed in Korea.




For lunch, I ate an egg, parmesan, and spinach sandwich and a few cantaloupe wedges.



I actually ate one egg and three whites. My husband eats twelve whites in a sitting, though, so I’m not eating that many!

I’ve been making his lunch every day, but I skipped today. (He’s done at noon anyway.) He was so sad that I almost made his lunch. I need to be strong, though, or he’ll lose his cooking skills!



Well, that’s all for now. We’re running some errands this afternoon, but I’ll post again later!

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Reading in the womb

This morning I followed my same routine: wake up at 6:30am, walk Brewster, eat piece of fruit, and run for 45 minutes. The sky was menacing, but I ran anyway and enjoyed the loop around post. For breakfast I had my typical eggs (1 egg, 3 whites, tomatoes) and fruit. I added a piece of cornbread, though, because I planned to go to power yoga.

Blog 033

While I was eating, I leafed through this tiny book my mom sent in her care package.

Blog 034



As you probably know, your unborn baby can hear you speak. Studies show that a newborn can recognize her father’s voice if the father read to the baby in the womb. It’s a great way for parents and baby to start forming a bond. We plan to start reading once I feel kicking. (We feel silly right now when I barely have a bump.)


An hour later, I walked to yoga class.  It really works wonders on my right hip and hamstring. I miss my Ana Forrest instructor, but the classes here will do.

For lunch, I had an Amy’s All-American burger on a Rudi’s organic wheat bun and Fage yogurt. I was shocked to find Fage at the commissary. It cost a whopping $1.70 for a small container. I can only imagine the cost at a civilian store.

Blog 035


I was surprised by the consistency and taste. It resembled a thick sour cream but tasted like bland yogurt.  I had read on other blogs that fage was sour or sharp tasting. The accompanying strawberry gel was a bonus.

I’ll definitely buy it again for the protein content, though I doubt I’ll eat it regularly. I could feel the lactose intolerance kicking in, and I did have a stomach ache later. Blog 036


After the lunch, I quickly got dressed for my job interview on post. Since I can’t find an RD job, I decided to apply for administrative assistant positions. The job interview turned out to be a job description delivered by the hiring manager. He didn’t even want to ask me questions! He said he learned enough by watching me approach him and talk to him. He has to select from 17 other qualified applicants, so I doubt I’ll be selected. If I’m selected, I will decline. No way will I work 40 hours a week for $9/hr! I earned more as a graduate assistant.  (The job posting had listed a $35,000/yr salary…talk about bait and switch!)

I had a snack of plain yogurt, nectarine, a dusting of cereal, and a sweet potato.Blog 037                                                                                         







Blog 038I made a traditional dinner of meatloaf, potatoes, and peas. I only ate about half of the meatloaf; it must be a pregnancy thing.  The potatoes turned out really well! I roasted them with olive oil for an hour between 375-440 degrees.

I wasn’t satisfied with dinner, so I snacked on tropical trail mix and cinnamon cereal before going to bed early. I needed to help my husband change his wound dressings. I hope he feels better soon.

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Pint Size

This morning I didn’t feel like working out, and neither did Brewster. I took him on a short walk and crossed paths with my husband on the return. He had crashed during his ride due to a flat tire, and he was covered with road rash and red marks. I spent the next hour tending to his wounds because the post lacks an ER. Then I made my typical breakfast of eggs and fruit:

Blog 027

I used six egg whites, one slice reduced fat swiss cheese, and roasted red peppers. For fruit I ate strawberries and a peach.

For lunch I really wanted cereal, so I ate this kind:

Blog 028

The trouble was, I ate three bowls’ worth! I felt mildly sick and tired the rest of the day. I’ve really noticed that I respond differently to foods now. Certain foods, especially in excess, really make me queasy! Even the cheese at breakfast made me quesy afterwards. I think I’ve started eating so much produce because it never makes me sick. 

Anyway, I wasn’t hungry again until dinner time. I made spinach, butternut squash, and cheese enchiladas based on Jenna’s receipe at Eat, Live, Run.  Her recipe is wonderful but a bit too spicy for my tastes. (For some reason, I love bland foods. I even reduce onions and garlic in recipes, and I always reduce sodium.)

For the sauce, I combined one can of enchilada sauce with one can of low sodium diced tomatoes.  I also used low fat sour cream and Mexican cheese and reduced-sodium tortillas.

Blog 029

Normally I like chicken but not these days. My enchiladas were meat-free, but my husband’s portion contained shredded chicken. (I boiled, cooled, and shredded the chicken.)

The final product:

Blog 030

My plate:

Blog 031

My husband’s plate was basically the rest of the pan, minus one. (I can only imagine how much I’ll need to cook when our family is full-sized!)

After dinner Brewster and I had a dog training class at Pet Smart. He was much smaller and more timid than the huge dogs in the class (like owner, like pup, I suppose).  He spent the whole class on my lap and ignored the treats. Even the clicker terrified him.  The trainer and I decided Brewster should join the puppy class with little dogs like him. (Again, just like me. My mom held me back from 1st grade an extra year so I would be the same size as my classmates. I was still always the smallest one in the class.)

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Feeling no pain

This morning I didn’t feel like doing my run. I never force myself to work-out if I legitimately feel tired. Since I never take scheduled rest days, I let my body tell me when it needs a break. Instead, I walked this little guy:

Blog 017

We walked for about an hour in the neighborhood. The post is huge, woodsy, and quiet, perfect for dogs.

Afterwards, I made a quick breakfast of cereal with a protein drink and extra water. Yes, I actually like to use a dilute protein shake for my cereal. It’s actually quiet tasty and efficient too!

Blog 022


Blog 021







I also ate an orange. A bowl of iron-rich cereal with a vitamin C-rich fruit maximizes iron absorption. Non-animal iron sources are poorly absorbed without vitamin C. The cereal contained vitamin C, but more couldn’t hurt!

I spent an hour studying for the ACSM personal trainer exam. Then I had a sandwich with cantaloupe. The sandwich contained four egg whites, cheddar cheese, tomato, and a dab of Spectrum mayonnaise. Tasty as it was, I felt slightly sick afterwards. I don’t think I can tolerate the fat in full-fat cheese. I would have purchased low-fat, but the commissary doesn’t sell low-fat cheddar cheese.

Blog 023

I watched an interesting documentary about kids who can’t feel pain (yet another random disease for me to worry about for the fetus) and ate this snack:

Blog 025

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New Addition

Today I started the morning with half an apple. I drove to the gym because of the rain. I know…sad considering the walk takes 10 minutes.  I trained my upper body using light-to-moderate weights and 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions. I only completed on exercise per body region and avoided crunches. At this point, I can only do upright seated or standing exercises. Afterwards, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Sometimes I feel sad or frustrated because I can’t train like before.  I look in the mirror and see muscle wasting.  I’m not concerned at all about gaining baby weight, but I hate the thought of losing muscle! My body doesn’t gain muscle easily, and I’m scared I’ll never get it back. I figure I’ll return to my natural weight, but who knows about the muscle tone.


I had another quick breakfast, this time of quick oats, a teaspoon of peanut butter, 1/2 a banana, a splash of pure maple syrup, and a protein shake.

Blog 011

I don’t have my shaker bottle, so I had to mix the shake by hand. I must say, the powder dissolved instantly. I was very impressed. I really do recommend Designer Whey, especially for “beginners” to protein powders.

Blog 012

I know the drink must look unappealing, but, trust me, it tastes fine. You just have to remind yourself how much you need the protein!

Next I headed to Zona Rosa for a special errand. I’m now the proud co-parent of this pup:

Blog 015

Okay, so he looks like a skunk. I promise you that he’s an AKC-eligible shih tzu with a zesty personality. He seemed to like me right away (typical shih tzu), but he was scared of my husband. I guess a really tall man in uniform can be scary.

I had a Kashi spiced apple bar for a snack and organized my puppy things. Lunch arrived quickly. I had a garden burger (no soy) with lowfat cheese, lettuce, and Rudi’s Organic oat bread. On the side were strawberries and cantaloupe.

Blog 014

Cantaloupe is SO delicious right now, at least in Kansas. The fruit is huge, juicy, and flavorful. The $2 price doesn’t hurt, either. Cantaloupe is also one of the healthiest fruits, being an excellent source of potassium, beta-carotene, and even vitamin C! Okay, enough fruit marketing…

For an afternoon snack I had strawberries, cottage cheese, a plum, and an organic English muffin with PB.

Blog 018

For dinner I made grilled zuchini and cheese-filled pasta with sauce. The meal was really easy to prepare thanks to the convenience foods! To reduce sodium, I combined marinara sauce with low sodium tomato sauce. Delicious!

Blog 019Blog 020

We’ve been eating our dinner at 7:30, later than usual. My husband needs to get to bed earlier, so tomorrow I hope to have dinner ready by 6:30. We’ll see!

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