The past year I followed several food blogs.  Slowly some of the the bloggers’ eating habits rubbed off on me.  I hadKorean Pancake always prided myself on eating healthily but realized I had fallen into a rut. Thanks to other bloggers, I learned about new products, creative cooking ideas, and interesting health foods. I would like my blog to stimulate and motivate other readers in a similar fashion.

Though blogs can be informative, I’ve noticed that many bloggers make unsupported claims about nutrition and exercise. As a registered dietitian, I aim to provide research-backed nutrition information with references.   I must admit that I am open to trying different supplements and eating methods.  I realize that some ideas outside the mainstream can be useful.   However, on this blog I will only promote ideas backed by hard evidence.  When I do not provide references, feel free to contact me for more information.

Finally, this blog has an unexpected twist: I am pregnant. For this reason, my blog will be heavy on pregnancy and post-partum nutrition, exercise during pregnancy, and my ups-and-downs during this first-time journey.

I hope readers enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy my blogroll!



  1. Great purpose intro Mandy. I’m looking forward to your new blog.. enjoyed the Korean one very much!

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